The Commandaria Orchestra

The Commandaria Orchestra

The Commandaria Orchestra

The Orchestre La Grande Commanderie de Chypre (Commandaria Orchestra) was established in 2009 by The Cyprus Wine Museum and is part of its cultural project “Kinyras”.

The appellation of the Orchestra directly references to the origin of The Commandaria Wine, the “sweet-drink of Cyprus” which has 3500 years of written history and also to the region where the Orchestra and The Cyprus Wine Museum are based, the Great Commandery of Cyprus. The Sovereign, Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem had their headquarters there, where they built the famous La Grande Com- manderie de Chypre today known as Kolossi Castle.

The Commandaria Orchestra’s main target is the implementation of the visions of The Cyprus Wine Museum, including the spread of the musical culture of Cyprus, as well as of works from the classical repertoire, directly connected to Greek history and mythology. 

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