"Tribute to the Polis" (Constantinople) - Concert of The Cultural Association Palimpsests

"Tribute to the Polis" - Charity Concert dedicated to Constantinople

Sunday June 1st,  2014, 19:30

‘Knights’ Courtyard’ Cyprus Wine Museum

Entrance: 7 (seven ) and 3 ( three ) EUR


This is about the big journey of a Constantinopolitan Citizen within the Reigning City of Constantine the Great. His tour through the city’s alleys brings back memories of the city’s glorious past and its present alienation.

The Constantinopolitan Citizen sitting by the straits of Bosporus listens to the musical sounds of the water warbling the Tzivaeri and smells the fragrant flowers. Scanning the shore of the other continent he sees the aching Hellenism. Smyrna is burning, the mother is crying. The Aegean is boiling; Cyprus is bleeding from the violent dismemberment.

But a genuine political aura awakens him. The four villages of Galata, Tatavla, Therapia and Nichori. A luminous glint on the blackened veil of memory that warms him and dances within him: Farewell Holy Virgin we spoke of them, it was just a dream, ....we have forgotten them . Today meets yesterday. Istanbul becomes again Constantinople. Modern music humbly bows humbly to the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ecclesiastical, and they all become as one.

Songs born through tradition. Tracks about Constantinople, Smyrna and Asia Minor. Poetry set to music by the Cypriot composer Anastasia Guy.

The event is held under the patronage of the Bishop of Limassol mr Athanasios and the net income will be donated to the poverty-stricken’s Lunch of the Limassol Metropolis.


Choir Conductor: Marios Koulermos Karasamanis

Friendly participation: Anastasia Guy - composer

Colloquist-Narrator: Peter Mantralis - Philologist

Soloists: Chris Timotheou, Michael Theodoulou, Michael Solomou


Piano: Rea Kafkalia

Violin: Maria Lanitis

Tambouras (Banjo): Iliana Kallis

Toumperleki: Michael Theodoulou

Guitar: Nicholas Praxiteles


Organizer: Cultural Association Palimpsests

Sponsor: Cyprus Wine Museum 

With the support of the Greek School Pascal


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